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Dinarfirst is mobile exchange system base on physical Gold and Silver coins intrgrated with Titipan Dinarfirst where you can store your dinar and dirham on in Dinarfirst Repositori. Dinarfirst base on Mobile Handphone and YM. I want to register more

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Shop your Dinar 4.44 (9999) gram and Dirham 3.11 gram (999) from IMN -World Islamic Standard. Dinar and Dirham are for Saving, Zakat, Mahar, and Muamalah. Dinar and Dirham was practiced since the time of Adam AS. Do it yourself today more

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SAUDARA means Saudagar Nusantara. This is an open network for open market, trading and services for everybody who agree to using the dinar and dirham as medium of exchange, fair trade without riba. Apply your business here more

Titipan Dinarfirst


Dinarfirst Exchange

27 April 2017, 12:17 WIB

1 Dinar 4.44 gr (Au/9999)
1 Dirham 3.11 gr (Ag/999)
1 Daniq 0.5183 gr (Ag/999)